Automotive Concept Cars

Concept cars is a term that the majority of car owners or drivers know nothing about. I had always thought that a concept auto was the clay model that is made for a new car style. That’s nowhere near close, because concept cars are actual real cars built and ready to drive. A concept vehicle is a show car or prototype meant to be driven around to showcase a new concept, style, technology, etc.

Concept vehicles are usually shown at the big motor shows throughout the world. They’re shown to consumers to gauge their reactions to radical design changes or concepts. The idea of the concept or show car was developed by the GM designer Harley Earl. The concept auto is a real car, but it never goes into production directly. It would have to changed for safety, practicality and costs to be a production vehicle instead of just a concept vehicle.

Concept cars have extreme or radical engines, designs, materials, layouts, doors or things not found on production cars. Most concept cars never get past the scale model or computer drawings. A small numbers of concept vehicles are actually fully functional and some can’t even move faster than 10 mph safely. After the concept vehicle is done being used, the cars are usually destroyed but some survive in company museum or in storage. The 1954 concept car Lincoln Futura was in a custom car shop for years until it was used as the Batmobile in the Batman TV series in 1966.

There are some concept cars that are well known for one reason or another. The Buick Y Job was designed in the 1930s by Harley Earl and is considered to be the first concept vehicle. The General Motors Le Sabre built in 1951 introduced the 12 volt electrics and aluminum 215 ci V8. The 1959 Cadillac Cyclone was one of Harley Earl’s last designs. Chevrolet Volt is one of the first plug in hybrid electric vehicle concept cars.

A concept vehicle that I would never want to see in production is the Ford Nucleon, a nuclear powered car. MIT worked with Frank Gehry to develop the MIT Car concept vehicle. Pontiac’s Bonneville Special was Pontiac’s first two seater sports car and debuted in the 1954 Motorama. Another Pontiac is the Club de Mer an all stainless steel sportscar from 1956. The Lancia Megagamma was the prototype for the current minivan. Volvo’s YCC was the first car designed entirely by women.

Looking For a Repo Car For Sale

Finding a good repo car for sale is actually a good way to have savings. Automobiles, to most people nowadays, are not much of a luxury. They are rather more of a need. If you can find a fairly new model in good condition, then you have a very good deal in your hands, especially since you can get these autos at a far cheaper price than usual.

Vehicles, such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, and SUVs are taken back or seized usually by either law enforcement acts on property disputes or by defaulting payment through a financing institution. Considering you purchase these units through a reputable bidding site, then you will have no problem with them legally.

Acquiring a repo car for sale from these bidding sites is just like any bidding process, wherein there is a starting bid and that the highest bidder is awarded the unit. The starting bid would also have to depend on the year model, the quality of the vehicle, and the mileage. You can choose particular units and inspect them thoroughly before posting a bid for them, but remember they are at an as-is condition of selling. If you can bring a mechanic along or somebody who is knowledgeable in checking the performance and condition of the repo car for sale, then it will be to your advantage.

A thing about purchasing a repo car for sale is that you do not get that devaluation when you drive it off from the parking lot, unlike buying a new unit. Sometimes, you can be lucky and have choices that are less than one year old that would cost much less than buying them new. The reason you do not have to pay for loss of value is because the person who first bought it has paid for it already.

Many vehicle brokers and dealers have been aware of these auctions for the longest time. This is actually a place where they get the ones that they sell cheaply and then make a big profit reselling them as used vehicles.

One way to find good deals and auction sites is through the Internet. You may be able to search for a certain vehicle, make, and model of your choice at places that are convenient and close to you. You are can also browse both government and public auction databases for availability and auction dates, both within the local area or around the state. There are several government institutions that have impounded vehicles, but they may choose a central office for disposal alone.